Georg Piesch

My painting is the expression of the intellectual universalism.
The primary concern of work is the universal, being at one with the whole- in essence life itself.

Strong, expressive colors and images help me to demonstrate and transport my message. It is important for me to provoke. And for that I need strength. And nature gives me that strength.

"The knowledge that what is impenetrable for us really exists and manifests itself as the highest wisdom and most radiant beauty which is unfathomable for our minds - this knowledge, this feeling - that is the core of true religious sentiment. In this sense - and in this sense only - I rank myself among the profoundly religious."
Albert Einstein

In our whole being, having to grasp that being, we must know that we are only a part of the oneness which leads us to the completion of the whole. For it is life itself that leads us. It is life that always accompanies us - a feeling of eternity which grows.
Not elapsed, not forgotten. How can one measure - to put it in words - the universal power, the love, the beauty is the source of everything. Forever it is this - this I know for sure.
Georg Piesch